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Reasons to Join the Raven Lake Cottagers Association

Who has:

    1. made contact with other cottage associations to fight for FAIR and TRANSPARENT TAXATION
    2. become a member of WRAFT, working with government on behalf of RLCA members to amend the taxation process
    3. worked with the township and Haliburton Hills Water Trails committee to co-ordinate camping and privy plans
    4. convinced the township to maintain and  improve parking
    5. installed the combination sign and waiting bench at the landing
    6. pursued the Ministry of the Environment to repair significant leakage at the dam
    7. reported on water quality to the Federation of Ontario Cottager Associations
    8. assisted local governments as they implement 9-1-1 lake emergency programs
    9. actively pursued positive relationships with the Dorset Volunteer Firefighters
    10. struck committees to address septic reinspection and property ownership rights
    11. published and mailed the always-welcome spring newsletter
    12. organized two of the best social events around - the Regatta and the Corn Roast
    13. created this website to help keep the community spirit alive

Your Raven Lake Cottagers Association, thatís who!

And to continue to be a potent force, the RLCA needs YOU! Although we'd love to have you volunteer with us, we understand if you cannot find the time. What we cannot understand, however, is why anyone would decide not to support the RLCA by joining.

For your $25 membership, you will:

    1. enable your association to continue the above work
    2. facilitate the building of a floating dock for Regatta and Corn Roast use
    3. assist cottagers in the upcoming 9-1-1 implementation program
    4. insure the organization and its members in all its activities
    5. allow Raven Lake to be heard provincially through membership in FOCA, WRAFT and other organizations

We are now incorporated under the laws of Ontario - a move which has given us more political clout - and we have a reworked Constitution that more than ever guarantees your Association is ready and able to serve the Raven Lake community.

Please, this year, make it a top cottage priority to buy and maintain a membership in your RLCA. Keep the Association strong, and help us make Raven Lake better for everyone.

- Harry Wilson, President