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Regatta Results!


The Raven Lake Regatta was held on Sunday, August 1st under perfect conditions. This year, 252 registered participants gathered on the Sandy Beach in the spirit of friendly competition to once again have a go at their favourite events. New friendships were formed and old ones rekindled as Raven Lakers of all ages shared the beautiful sunny day together.

Many thanks to the 45 plus volunteers for their happy energy which helped the day run so smoothly, especially to the tireless food crew with their wiener take all outlook. Thanks also to all the donors for supplying the more than 70 raffle prizes and to Robinsons General Store for once again providing the food and drinks.

Following are the results of the regatta:

1. Clothing Relay 1st: Campbell Martin, Rona Douglas, Bryn Williams, Trudon Riddle 2nd: Trent Houghton, Connor Houghton, Joey Houghton, Doug Houghton 3rd: Remy Davis, Ted Davis, Zosia Davis, Cathy Davis

2. Open Swim - 5 and Under: 1st: Michael Desveaux, 2nd: Ted Davis, 3rd: Emily McCurlie; Age 6 and 7: 1st: Connor Houghton, 2nd: Trudon Riddle, 3rd: De vin Martin; Age 8-11 Girls: 1st: Jane Mantione 2nd: Jane Emblem 3rd: Carrie Emblem, Zosia Davis Age 8-11 Boys: 1st: Ian Campbell, 2nd: Quin Martin, 3rd: Trent Houghton; Age 12-15 Girls: 1st: Lauren MacDermid, 2nd: Carly Mantione, 3rd: Jen Emblem Age 12-15 Boys: 1st: Joe McGreevy, 2nd: Andrew Mantione, 3rd: Anthony Salvador Women 16 and Over: 1st: Lyaca Riddle, 2nd: Amanda Kenins, 3rd: Pam Martin; Men 16 and Over: 1st: Tim Klug, 2nd: Andrew Mantione, 3rd: John Williams; Men Masters: 1st: George Kenins, 2nd: Rod Chisolm

3. Team Swim Relay 1st: Talya Davies, Sue Cadman, Rick Cadman, Tim Klug;2nd: Jocelyn Campbell, Joe McGreevy, Ian Campbell, Harry Gregoire; 3rd: Lauren MacDermid, Carly Mantione, Jane Mantione, Hilary Fitzgibbon

4. Family Kickboard 1st: Carly Mantione, Lauren MacDermid, Erin Morgan, Hilary Fitzgibbon; 2nd: Ian Campbell, Harry Gregoire, Jocelyn Campbell, Meghan Wilson; 3rd: Scott Martin, Quin Martin, Pam Martin, Katie Desveaux

5. Noodle Race 1st: Rebecca Batcup; 2nd: Trudon Riddle; 3rd: Ted Davis, Michael Desveaux

6. Water Run Under 4 Feet 1st: Rebecca Batcup, 2nd: Peter MacKinnon, 3rd: Katie Desveaux 4- 5 Feet Tall: 1st: Carly Mantione, 2nd: Jack Emblem, 3rd: Carrie Emblem 5- 6 Feet Tall: 1st: Doug Houghton, 2nd: Ben Seguin, 3rd: Charles Seguin Taller than 6 Feet: 1st: Karl Mehisto, 2nd: Rob Connor, 3rd: Anthony Salvador

7. Highest Splash - 7 and Under: 1st: Ted Davis, 2nd: Trudon Riddle, 3rd: Jake & Josh Richardson - Age 8- 11: 1st: Jack Emblem, 2nd: Jane Emblem, 3rd: Carrie Emblem - Age 12-15: 1st: Carly Mantione, 2nd: Emma Waldock, 3rd: Opal Retzer

8. Greased Watermelon Relay 1st: Kent Graham, Rob Dugdale, Rick Cadman, Rob Connor 2nd: Chris Connelly, Tim Klug, Wayne Brownlee 3rd: Carly Mantione, Joe & Tom McGreevy, Hilary Fitzgibbon

9. 2 Person Canoe Under 16: 1st: Joe & Tom McGreevy; 2nd: Lancell Graham, Andrew MacDermid; 3rd: Declan Lawrence, Harry Gregoire Mixed 16 and Over: 1st: Rod Chisolm, Brian Richardson; 2nd: Mike Flowers, Carol Flowers; 3rd: Chris Luke, Susan Luke

10. No Paddles Canoe 1st: Team Canada - Chris Gooderham, Geoff Gooderham \par 2nd: Team Moosehead - Scott Martin, Paul Dale 3rd: Team A-Lan and the Winners - Joe & Tom McGreevy, Lancell Graham, Andrew MacDermid

11. Fancy Pants Dance Under 16: 1st: Trudon Riddle, 2nd: Alystra Riddle 16 and Over: Andrew MacDermid

12. Nail Drive 7 and Under: 1st: Jake Richardson, 2nd: Melanie James, 3rd: Andreas Donoahue Age 8- 11: 1st: Peter MacKinnon, 2nd: Jennifer MacKinnon, 3rd: Ian Campbell Age 12-15: 1st: Joe McGreevy, 2nd: Tom McGreevy, 3rd: Caitlin Fitzgibbon Women: 1st: Nancy Cartmell, 2nd: Sue Cadman, 3rd: Kathy Davis, Esther Shipman, Theresa MacDermid, Donna Flowers, Diane McKenzie Men: 1st: Rob Connor, 2nd: Chris Gooderham, 3rd: Larry James

13. 2 Person Log Saw 7 and Under: 1 Mattias Reingruber, Connor Houghton Age 12-15: 1st: Joe & Tom McGreevy; 2nd: Taylor Graham, Emma Waldock; 3rd: Lauren MacDermid, Erin Morgan ; Women: 1st: Pam Martin, Rona Douglas; 2nd: Amanda Kenins, Kristi Mehisto; 3rd: Sandy Hyhko, Elizabeth Matthews; Men: 1st: Robert Dugdale, Rod Chisolm; 2nd: James Rodmell, Linda Rowlison; 3rd: Jeff Smith, Stephen Mills ;Mixed Under 16: 1s t: Matthew Brownlee, Nicole Yorke; 2nd: Andrew Mantione, Jennifer MacKinnon; 3rd: Ben Seguin, Jen Emblem Mixed 16 and Over: 1st: Jeff Smith, Stephen Smith; 2nd: Esther Shipman, Sean Lawrence; 3rd: Andrew MacDermid, Kyle James

14. Demonstration Bucket Brigade Race A clear and decisive tie between the Lewis & the Wilson teams. Get your team together for next year; this promises to be a feature event in 05!

Many Thanks!

The Raven Lake Regatta had its most successful raffle ever this year, selling over 600 tickets and helping raise over $1100 for the Cottager's Association.  A huge Thank You to all the individuals and businesses who helped this event prove so successful A list of them follows, and a simple "thank you" when you see/patronize them will do so much to bring them back next year. Of particular importance to the Regatta is the support provided by Robinson's General Store. When you go into the store, make certain you say thanks to Brad and Joanne.

Robinson's General Store

Ellen Wiley/ Caldwell Banker Real Eastate

Tower Hill Marine

Dorset Tim-br Mart

Northern D-Lites

Fiery Grill

Avery Audio

Dorset Garage

Village Grounds


Jane Rodmell

Cottage Life Magazine

Heather Vandinten/ Cellar Wines

Theresa MacDermid

Kent Graham

Kathy Mooney

Patricia Smith

Annette Crandall

Esther Shipman Also, a huge "Thank You" to our wonderful, happy, energetic crew of volunteers!