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The Raven Lake Environment - Front & Centre for 04-05

At the September 6th Directors Meeting of your RLCA, the environment surfaced as a major focus for the upcoming year. Directors and Members will be working on several fronts this year.

1. John Gould will take on the job of Lake Steward for the upcoming year, ably assisted and guided by Ross Lawrence. The Lake Steward is responsible for collecting water quality data throughout the year and forwarding it to FOCA.

2. RLCA Vice President Geoff Gooderham and Susan Luke will be keeping the pressure on, and working to find a solution to, the closing of the Leslie Frost Centre. This issue has the potential of a massive negative impact on life at Raven Lake as we know it; are we really prepared to sit back and let another Muskoka-style "development" be thrust down our throats? Have you seen the travesty that beautiful Lake Muskoka has become in the last 15 years? Unless we ALL do something about it, don't be surprised to see ads for Haliburton Condos coming soon! See Susan's commentary on the Association News page.

3. The HHWT (Haliburton Highlands Water Trails) continues to seek out and work with suggestions made by local residents and associations. RLCA has been involved since the very beginning, and will be closely monitoring plans for appropriate camping and canoeing on our lakes. President Harry Wilson, John Gould and member Jim Duncan will be helping HHWT make decisions that are good for local residents and for visiting campers.

4. Director George Kenins continues to be a font of information on the Septic Renewal program. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!